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Hello and Welcome~

 :oni_ (64):
First of all i'd like to thank you for visiting our Realm and hope that you enjoy your stay. Be it a friend or ally, i hope that you too may become part of our little world.

Mweeternia is more than just a guild, its a place where we all can hang out and have fun together. Sharing and making new memories with one another and build bonds that last. All our friends and new guildies are a part of this mini game family that came to be back in 2004'. All the memories that were made back then, good and bad, lasted through the years as we all grew up together.
There had been people who would come and go and then there were those who stayed and added their memories to our lives.
As a little guild growing and striving to build friendships instead of wars. Those who join will be treated with respect and love, anyone who doesnt uphold this oath will be confronted. There is no tollerance for fighting or pitting others against eachother, if there is a problem we shall work it out with positive reactions. But as always we try our best to not have to bid fairwells to those who dont wish to comply to these simple rules. sum it up, Mweeternia is a small group of friends hoping to become a mini community of friends. Hence the relating term "Family of Friends"
For the most part, over the many years of Mweeternia's existance, all of our friends are so close that we consider them like family anyways.
We are kind, generous, and helpful as well as enjoying eachothers company. Though as things get tough through the years we do sadly lose contact with a handful of friends that either had an accident, lost access to the internet, or just had an extremely busy life. However difficult it was to contact one another though, some still come back to surprise us and rekindle the friendships we all had. We hope that everyone will stick together no matter how our lives change, be it playing MMO's or dealing with real life issues.
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