My Sanctuary

Hello! and Welcome, In this Section you will find all the various sites i own, along with a short/small description about them. Simply they will be named accordingly to what they are and following the name and link the description of what the site contains will be.
Now without further delay--

Drifting Away:: My Personal Website: This is my personal website, it has various information about me and some fun things i just placed there for no reason ^^; it also has links to other places that are probably listed here, it also is still under construction so dont expect too much other than basic information about me and some of the things i just like ^^;

My Petite Cafe:: My Personal Weblog: Unlike my personal website and my Xanga webjournal, this will have all my current updates and stories i might have to tell. My xanga site was pretty much outdated by now as ive had it for many years when i was younger and i wanted to really customize my own weblog/webjournal without the hassle of worrying about whether or not something is compatable with it. Another thing you might find here is some extra things i might be willing to share, as it is pretty much a webjournal of my current life.

Shiori Hikari:: Beyond The Shrine: This is my personal forum in which i mainly use it for keeping in touch with friends and also for my Private Server. Other than those uses, i doubt you would find much of anything else there ^^; but if you wish to check it out go ahead. Though if you dont show yourself active in the forum after a while (that is if you register and you have like 0 posts since registering) Then i will delete the account eventually.

Hopes DA Account: This is my DA account, with certain arts i submitted. Here if you want you can look at various drawings i have done before and such. I like page views so i encourage you to look, but anyways i update with new drawings every once in a while so i am not frequent. But enjoy looking anyways. Note: Alot of the drawings i have submitted are very old and were submitted long ago, so they are not recent at all. Eventually when i have time i may submit my new art but for now my account remains dorment until i gather the time to edit.

Hopes Xanga Site: This is my Xanga site, equivalant to a webjournal. This as well i update every once in a while now, so its also not frequent. To tell you the truth the only things im quite frequent with are basically with my Forum, but in time i will probably be more frequent with my Journal and DA sites. But anyways if you wish to visit here then you can, it basically has some basic stuff about me and some things i decided to submit as journal entrees. Some shoutouts kinda and basically quizes i have done is usually submitted nowadays but every so often i write an actual entree which usually varies from a paragraph to maybe several ^^;; i guess it just depends on my mood. But anyways feel free to check this site out too.

In Conclution ---

Well that is pretty much all i need to say. I hope you enjoy visiting those various sites of mine, and if possible leave some feedback of some sort ^^ i like hearing from various people who visit me. Hehe until then Sayonara Minna-san! *poofs and fades*
whee im happy xD! <3!