|Welcome to a New Beginning..|

I will place all the updates to my site here, So its more organized and its less page stretching xD..

01/06/09- Ahaha.. yeah a really long time, well im cleaning up the pages a bit and adding more content here and there. I'll be reorganizing some things and maybe renaming some pages. Current updates:: Added more flash animations to the small collection i have. Still searching for a few more flash anis to add. I might add a list of videos that i enjoyed and maybe some other stuff. Depends on what i have the chance to do. I'll clean up and fuse some pages so theres more space and organization. I might add a guestbook not sure yet. There is still alot of stuff i wanted to add back that i had on my much older website, i will probably add all that too when i organize sections for them all. I might be adding more songs to my jukebox in the near future and i might put groups and remove some songs as well. Well thanks for visiting ^^; and hopefully you come back soon~ ~ <3 Hope

01/28/07- Ok everyone i added some more to my Flash Archive again xD there is so many flash animations ive seen and i still have yet to get to add to this mini archive for all of you to see ^^ i still have a few in mind and hopefully i'll be able to find them. Until now you can view the best flash animations ive seen or felt that were pretty good and amused me or gave me an emotional feeling. Until the next update! ~ <3

08/16/06- Hey again~ I added yet another peice to my Extras section. Another cute flash animation, Enjoy. Still trying to find more songs i could add to my jukebox and pending on adding them because of a recent computer problem ^^; Other than that i hope everyones summer has been good and i hope for more good to come upon you all~ <3

07/01/06- Oh look a new update! I added more to the Extras section~ you should take a look at it ^^ i'll be looking for more to add to that section~ Enjoy. Also i'll be adding more songs to my Jukebox so look forward to that too.

09/23/05- Yay ok i updated a bit, i added new songs and such =x but thats about it for now ^^;

06/25/05- Wee ok i made a mini update, im gonna be adding mini pictures here and there soon, i will add to my extras and rename it, i will probably make a section called my "Photo Album" and it May have various pictures of me, depends xD other than that i will just organize my special pictures that others have drawn of me there. ^^ I did some minor things that may not be too noticable, I redid the part in the About me section where it said my age, and i replaced it with a countdown to my birthday script. That way its always accurate lol ^^; i just get lazy with that stuff and sometimes forget to update that part xD;;.. anyways thats all i have to say here! bai bai! *sigh* i dont have alot of time lately, soo busy and tired ;.;

05/08/05- Omg wowness >>! ok so i got alot done o.o heres what i got so far.. Basically i Totally redid my forum and it works and so on And you can find it here~ I may add it to the links section later on.. And i also semi completed my personal website. (well not totally completed obviously but i got the basics down and moreso) There should be a new link working called "Hope's Extras 2" that is a special page that has a couple of my favorite AMV's so you can go there to watch them ^^ Just be patient and wait for the damn things to load properly and completly! I know its gonna take "forever" to let them load, so what? you should be happy i Got them there in the first place o.o;; Nyah! so enjoy that for what its worth, and you will love me because of it! xD Ok now that thats over with, Post stuff in my message box for goodness sake o.o do it because i said so! xP i just like seeing people comment instead of leeching my bandwidth without any care of how i feel >> You know people like to see comments there every once in a while so please do so =/! ok now that im over that Enjoy my new updates and brand new Personal Website! <3!
Weee im so happy! <3 i hope you are too =x!

05/01/05- Ahhh i finally have my own web host xP god, took long enough >>; buh eh im not complaining XD, now working on several things, such as follows:
1. Updating and moving everything to this new site xD
2. Creating my new Forum and uploading whats needed
3. Working on my server a bit more
4. Other random things i cannot remember at the moment xD;..
Well other than that im quite content ^^ and im sure that it shouldent take me Too long to get everything set up ^^; I will add in the links later on x.o; till then the basics. XD and dont click the links or the page will reload inside of this frame. >>; just a warning I fixed it click away xP!
Wow so much to do so little time..

04/27/05- I havent updated for a while because im looking into getting my own web hosting and transfering everything, i also have been working on other things as well and i will post about those later on possibly. I have alot to do xD;; And hopefully everything gets fixed up correctly. I may change the layout to something that is better for me to use as a refrence to alot of things rather small like a personal website only. I will mix and match and i have a couple of layouts in mind. I May keep this one and use it again later on but i think it would be easier on others eyes if it was more pastel and such ^^; but anyways. Im gonna be busy x.x;
Yeaaah.. its gonna be a long.. uh.. whatever it is >>;;

01/30/05- I added new stuffs =x! I put my huggable pet in its new section (it probably is a red X because of the way the code was writen =.=;; oh well i cant change it x.x;) And i added a new Personal Custom Art, GO LOOK NOWZ D< !! ^^ <3 Art =x!
'argrahshghrahshhahghaa..' <3

01/28/05- Well I havent had much of any updates at all but everything seems organized and set. I think im gonna get started on the screenshots section soon, i need to figure out a nice way to organize all that ^^; im thinking on it atm(At The Moment) xD;;. Till then im kinda confused on what to do..
Omg so confused and semi-busy..

01/18/05- I added some custom art made for me in my toybox ^^ and this new spiffy (yeah i know lame word xP) box for my updates. yeah, ahem, anyways ^^; thats all for now!~

01/17/05- Brand New Website Layout o.o;.. Trying to Transfer everything and almost done ^^;;..

|Page Notes|

A little note about the website, In order to hear the jukebox music you will need to have IE or an IE plug-in for your browser. (For Firefox you will need IE Tab) The rest of the website can be viewed fine in most browsers but some effects are only seen in IE.

|Just Nonsense|

Yeah, ok so i decided to name this something. I guess i will put "Just Nonsense" here like various song quotes i like and change them every so often. Hehe the ones that come to mind right now is:

"What if we are like a symphony? What if i gave my whole life to stand by you?"

You know? sometimes i just wanna go out there and sing! <3~