|Extras (part two!)|

Ok so this is Extras Part Two, i wanted to seperate everything so its not all crammed together. plus, its more organized this way xP so enjoy!

|Hope's Favorite Videos <3|

Omg wth? yeah thats right you heard me, here you can view my favorite videos, aka Anime Music Videos xP! yeah yeah yeah i hear you! now shut up the video is starting! XD Also you may want to stop my music from playing xP! its obviously not gonna stop itself and will inturrupt the videos >>; so do it before my Gen-gen plushie cuts off your fingers! (to see the video click the start button xP aka the play button)
Warning:: its obviously gonna take a while to open so be patient or i will kill you O.o all i need is for you to use up my bandwidth and then no one gets to play it >>!

Video- X Park (when Anime X meets South Park..)

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Video- Metropolis~ Family Matters

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Ok so why is it i like these videos so much, heres my after thoughts! (And yes, these videos have cursing in it xP obviously the X Park one is gonna have cursing lol unless.. you havent seen South Park before then you wouldent know what im talking about xD;.. Besides its not like you are like me who doesnt curse at all o.o; lol.. I dont curse but i ehehe dont mind hearing it xP)
AMV~ X Park
Well i for one like it because its comical, lol nothing beats seeing a serious romantic like anime mixed with a demented adult cartoon xD;; it just is wrong and messed up but hey it still is funny xP! Kinda saddening to see all those bishounen and bishoujo killed but hearing "Oh my god, you killed kenny!" after it is kinda well funny and weird O.o; xD but really you have to admit its funny after you see it.

AMV~ Metropolis-Family Matters
This video was just nice and amazing, i loved it xD its serious and dramatic along with action. I must say it was very well done and the movie Metropolis is very good. (I have to get it on dvd or something >>!) It also kind of leaves a sadish feeling too but it still is good, in this video you can see most of what the movie is about so i would call it like a small summary of it xP! The song matches it very well hehe but see for yourself~ though i hope you like it too xD!