|About Me|

Well now, im assuming that since you came here to this section that you want to know a bit about me xD;; well alright then but you only get to know so much.. (If you have more questions to ask me to add here tell me and i will add them, leave a message in my chat box or something Lol..) annnyways moving on.

|FAQ About Me|

Ok here we go..


Name: Hope Sama *snicker*

Gender: Well Female of course O.o;.....
Live: Somewhere Far Away From "You".. just playing, California (for now)
Marital Status:That is for me to know and you to find out, Dont bug me please..
Picture?: No, no, and no. Unless you are quite smart and know your way around things you may not find a picture of me >.>; other than that i dont send pictures of myself to Random people just cause they ask. So please dont ask me ^^; no pictures!

Color: I have more than one and they are basically on this page xD;.. White, Pink, Soft Pastels..
Pet: Omg Kitties =x.. Mao xD Miao =x!
Anime: Way too many >.>;..
Game: Once Again way too many, though i like RPG's and stuff of the sort..
Song: Meh i like alot but my faves in different catagories would be; Heaven-DJsammy, Fly Me So High(Remix)-Unknown(lol i forgot who it was by), Do You Dream Of Me?- MWS, Hijo De La Luna- Sarah Brightman.. Ah i have too many but you get those, various other songs i like too but too lazy to put them all XD..

I will just be general xD..
Food: Onions..>.>;..
Color: er i dunno, i like most colors..
Song: sorry but i just CAN'T stand "Hey Ya- Outkast" they over played it and it gives me a migrane ^^;;..
Other: I dont like many things that most people wouldent like such as like Mean and Heartless people and anything of the sort really, but other than that and a few other things i pretty much can get along with most people and enjoy what i do ^^..

Well i dont know what else to put about myself but im sure this gives you a general idea about me ^^ Even ask my friends and they probably would say that all thats above this section is true xD;;